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How big companies are contending with a frenzy of demand for Ozempic from their workers


Across the US, companies are facing a critical decision: whether to foot the bill for the expensive weight-loss drugs that have exploded in popularity in recent months.

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What the End of the Covid Public Health Emergency Means for Your Business


The Department of Health and Human Services will end the federal Public Health Emergency for Covid-19 on May 11, 2023, because of a decline in recent cases.

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Could Government Drug-Price Negotiations Sound The Death Knell For Biotech Stocks?

Investor's Business Daily

People have griped about prescription drug prices for years. Soon, Medicare plans to do something about them. But experts following pharmaceutical and biotech stocks warn of unintended consequences. They’re sounding the death knell for drug company profits, innovation — and patient care.

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Exclusive: Do Hospital Physician and Resident Unions Deter Investors?

Healthcare Services Investment News

Membership in labor unions for wage and salary workers shrank from 10.3% in 2021 to 10.1% in 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,  however, the move to unionize has garnered growing attention among physicians, residents, nurses, and other healthcare staff who argue they are fighting for increased wages, better working conditions and more.

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CMS wants total ACO Medicare by 2030. Experts aren’t so sure.

Part B News

CMS is touting the growth of three accountable care organization (ACO) programs — and predicts it will meet its goal of connecting all Medicare beneficiaries to ACOs by 2030. Experts aren’t so sure, though they do think Medicare’s ACO program is heading in the right direction.

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CMS Threatens Citations for Workplace Safety Violations

Healthcare Risk Management

CMS is threatening Conditions of Participation penalties for hospitals over workplace safety. The agency is focused on workplace violence.

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Male fertility benefits spread


Earlier this month, the benefits platform Carrot Fertility partnered with Health Transformation Alliance to become a preferred fertility benefits provider for some of America’s largest companies, including services for men.

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The Employers Hunting for Fraud and Waste in Their Healthcare Spend


As healthcare costs continue to rise for employers, they are getting serious about addressing the medical fraud that represents 1 to 2 percent of all medical claims.

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